High Letter Grade Performance Records
Century High School has achieved another year of high performance records! The arrangement of our programs and faculty members are results-focused, while balanced with a healthy learning environment.
Shorter & Memorable Graduation Programs
Our programs consist of only necessary courses, and come with more choices than public schools; targeted towards early graduation. With leftover time, we organize memorable events that complement the curriculum – which often offers a richer learning experience!
Cost-Effective Programs
We understand the hardships and dedications you are willing to invest for the hope of attending the graduation ceremony. That is why we implement a set of programs and recommendations towards an early graduationsaving you on living costs and many other investments.
Smooth Transition into Colleges
From planning goals to accomplishing them efficiently, we offer professional counseling to help students meet university admission requirements. We help students realize their potential and bring the most out of it – as shown through our high university entrance rates.

Let's go Beyond the Limit!

  • Century High School is committed to providing the skills and tools necessary to succeed in academic studies and our students are consistently achieving high levels of academic success. Our students continue to score well above the provincial average on the provincial exams in the Science and Math subjects. In 2004-2005, two Century High School Students, Inha Park and Kyung Min Nam, have scored 100% on the Math 12 Provincial Exam and have received special recognition from the Ministry of Education. One of our Grade 12 students, Michael Kyoung Wan Kim, has achieved an “A” in English 12 after scoring 82% on the English 12 Provincial Exam.
  • Study at Century High School prepares our students to be successful in today's global community and in further education. Our class work focuses on developing the skills, critical thought and independence required to be successful in the larger world. Our students are encouraged to apply to universities all over the world. Over 50% of our students have been accepted to universities around the world. Century High School students are attending North America universities such as: University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, University of Western Ontario, University of Calgary, York University, University of Waterloo, Queen’s University, University of Victoria, Central Washington University, and so on.
  • At Century High School we have professional and dedicated staff committed to helping you succeed in your high school studies. Our teachers are all certified with the Ministry of Education and are passionate and knowledgeable in the subjects they teach. Our counselors will help you make your time at Century High School a positive experience and are more than willing to help you plan your courses, your university goals or to just talk about what is going on in your life. Both our teaching staff and our counselors are available outside of class time to assist you with any problems you may have.